Stylish safety built to last
No other form of vital records protection is as fall-safe, dependable or convenient as the Schwab Series 5000 line of fire
files. Series 5000 vertical files provide optimum protection and organization for paper documents in the workplace.  They
can be customized to fit any number of special filing applications with options such as mobile caster bases, index card
trays and hanging frames,

Schwab's top-of-the-line file, the Series 5000 can fit into any office decor.
Schwab Series 5000 vertical files with Underwriters Laboratories Class 350° -1 Hr., Fire Resistant ratings protect
documents from temperatures reaching 1700° F by maintaining an internal temperature of 350° F or less for one hour.
Files with the UL Class 350° -1 Hr., Fire and Impact Resistant label offer the-same temperature protection as the "Fire
Resistant" units, with added protection against Impact. UL Class 350° -1 Hr., "Fire and Impact Resistant" ratings should
be considered when protection against falling debris or shock is desired.
Schwab vertical files display no unsightly seams, so they can be used in many different office setups as .dividers or
free-standing files.
Compact protection for paper documents
Schwab Series 2500 vertical files are the solution to finding protection in compact or
landscaped office areas. Classified by UL under both the Class 350° - 1 hour Fire
Resistant and the Fire and Impact Resistant labels, the Series 2500 will protect vital
paper documents from fire damage.
When protection for paper documents is required In a smaller area, Schwab Series
2500 Is the simple answer.

Schwab's guarantee
All Schwab files come with a "Free Lifetime After The Fire Replacement Warranty", a
$100,000 covered contents guarantee, and a full two-year materials and labor warranty.
Schwab protection is more than files
Schwab's line of defense against document damage extends beyond our quality lines
of insulated files. Schwab also produces a full line of record and media safes for
additional protection. More information about these superior products can be found in
our Insulated Safe brochure.

Schwab's protection is also covered by Infospace, a revolutionary approach to data
management and organization that utilizes Schwab components and organizational
techniques to create workplaces where information flows freely and effortlessly, yet
remains secure and protected from harm,
For more information about Schwab products or the Infospace system, contact your
dealer or Schwab Corp.
Certified protection for all media
Schwab's mixed media files are the only fire files offering UL classified protection for
all types of media. Many current fire file users store computer disks in storage files
designed for paper documents, not realizing the difference between paper and
magnetic media protection. Others buy complicated containers that supposedly
transform paper files to diskette storage - but these removable pieces don't
guarantee proper storage or offer the important UL certification.
UL classified, Schwab approved

The paper record storage drawers are UL Class 350 one hour. Indicating internal
temperatures stay below 350° F with exterior temperatures reaching 1700° F, Non-
paper media drawers are UL classified to insulate to an internal temperature of 125°
F with a UL rating of 80 percent humidity and protect against magnetic interference.

Media Manager Smart protection for the smart office
Schwab Media Manager mixed media file offers protection for all media forms used in
workstations, secretarial pools and other office arrangements. File drawers may be
either left or right hinged, allowing use of the 25" file anywhere in workplace design.
It's the ultimate workstation media protection.
Mixed media files at home in the office or out

Schwab's mixed media flies are attractive enough to be used with any office
decoration, alongside a desk or as a freestanding file. They come stan­dard with
inserts for up to 270 5 1/4" diskettes or 36 ¼” tape cartridges — a large amount of
data capacity with a large amount of protection. Mixed media files are an attractive
solution to
volume storage of documents not needed at the workplace, but still of importance to
the business,
Schwab mixed media files protect all types of media from everyday accidents; fire,
magnetic interference and privacy Invasion They're an attractive way to Insure
protection for all media.
350° -rated drawer

125° - drawer
Fire Files
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